Our pre-architected, fully integrated, scalable IT Automation and edge computing platform minimizes hardware, unifies on-premises and private cloud resource management, and optimizes network performance.

Every Item You Need To Make Your Office Functional, Productive And Secure Is Included In The IntotoNet Subscription

Automate Your Applications

A single console takes care of app provisioning, deployment, and management.

Automate Your Network

Our proprietary AI/ML software layer optimizes performance and protection in managing your networks.

Eliminate costly upgrades and integrations

Simplify network administration

Unify your storage and automate your data protection and backup

IntotoNet Storage+

Data is the lifeblood of every organization and business, making it the most valuable asset to succeed in today’s landscape.

With IntotoNet local and cloud storage, you can innovatively increase and optimize your data storage and security for any business or environment.

IntotoNet Server+

Host your server locally with the added benefit of continuous private cloud redundancy.

  • An IT professional sips coffee while quickly recovering damaged workloads using Intoto’s best IT infrastructure monitoring software.
  • A man’s hand holding a phone that displays line of codes.
  • A database and file storage system protected by Intoto’s cybersecurity and redundant data storage protocols.
  • A happy business owner smiling while checking and managing her business systems activities through the Intoto app.

IntotoNet Redundancy+

Add instant recovery and reduce recovery time significantly.

Work Continuously. Seriously

Quickly recover damaged or malfunctioning workloads or even launch workloads on remote systems for business continuity.

Data Protection and Integrity

Data protection and loss prevention are paramount in today’s business environment. Intoto’s embedded cyber security incorporates access, protection, and usage policies to ensure that data is protected, accurate, and updated continuously. There are no inefficient processes, data inconsistencies, or risks of data corruption.

Avoid Losing Money And Reputation

Your database and file storage system is always protected from cyber-attacks and data breaches to minimize the risk of data loss, confidentiality leaks, and inappropriate access, all of which can result in significant remediation costs, client loss, and reputation damage.

Enjoy Fast Access And Updates

All your business information, data, and assets are available both on-premise and in the cloud. The best part? You can manage them all from any location through a centralized web or mobile platform, enabling more prompt and efficient access and updates.

IntotoNet Cloud+

Eliminate the need for on-premise servers or hosting services by leveraging your own private cloud with ease.

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